About Miro Development

Miro Development, LLC is a licensed General Contractor and EPA Certified RRP service provider in Chicago. For over a decade Miro Development has acquired vast experience in successfully navigating court ordered foreclosure sales, and note purchases. Miro Development has solidified the ability to turn distressed, undervalued and lender foreclosed properties into profitable investments. Miro Development works in partnership with R. Development, LLC to acquire, renovate and manage distressed single-family and multi-unit investments. Collectively, the team has over 15 years experience in acquisition, construction, and disposition. The Miro Development team has a keen understanding of the affordable housing market throughout the Chicago area, and consistently develops exceptionally branded residences to ensure successful dispositions or attract quality tenants for leasing. The entities have executed extensive renovations of historic Chicago bungalows, 2 and 3-flat buildings, and other multi-family properties on the Southside. Relationships with financial institutions include several community lenders such as Urban Partnership Bank, Illinois Service Federal, and Chicago Investment Corporation. 

At Miro Development, our approach to “development” is identifying all the necessary antecedents (real estate, community, education, workforce, etc) that makes for sound investments and successful projects.  Our distinct value add in this work is our holistic approach to “development” in the communities we serve. In addition to finding the optimal real estate to be developed, we work with the multiple community stakeholders to establish trust and transparency.  It is with our greatest intention to work systematically within local communities to not only transform real estate but the transformation of lives, cultivate new business and the progression for the greater community. Our goal is to play an integral role in creating vibrant, economically-integrated communities and to increase opportunity for low-income residents by producing measurable improvements in quality of life indicators such as income diversity, employment, property values, crime and commercial investments. Understanding the catalyst is real estate development, our approach is led by the assumption that comprehensive, coordinated community redevelopment efforts supported by strong organizational and institutional relationships will result in better uses of resources, significant return on investments, greater opportunities, and ultimately improved quality of life. 

Our Core competencies include but are not limited to the following:

  • Extensive experience in renovation and maintenance of multi-family buildings and single-family homes
  • Expert construction staff to maintain and preserve investment value
  • Development of complete and comprehensive scopes of work
  • Creation and execution of development plans, budgets and timelines

  • Workflow development process that utilizes Yardi management software, which allows predictable turn around times for document submittals
  • Ability to create architectural drawings, read architectural drawings, and make detailed estimates from drawings
  • 203K Rehab Loan Expertise
  • Green Building Initiatives

Miro Development Team

Michael Altheimer

  • Acquisition and Disposition Development
  • Construction Management
  • New Business Development
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Robin Williamson

  • Interior Planning and Branding
  •  Property Management Coordination
  • Marketing Development
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Dr. Forrest Moore

  • Community Development
  • Strategic Partnership Strategies
  • Resource Allocation
  •