We build quality homes that lead to sound investments and sustainable communities.


Our Story

Miro Development is lead by Michael Altheimer, who is an alumnus of DePaul University and started his real estate career at the age of 19 while a Finance student. His early education also included working alongside local as well as multinational real estate developers and finance specialist. Employment with Chicago based mortgage companies prior to college provided an understanding of the structure of residential real estate, and his entrepreneurial prowess lead to the independent development of his initial rehab projects.  Michael's first series of transactions in early 2000 were structured as “buy, renovate and sell” projects located on Chicago’s Southside. Michael's thorough knowledge of the renovation process has lead to the development of an efficient construction team that have the ability to complete routine maintenance of residential and commercial buildings, as well as extensive, code compliant renovations. Numerous projects present obstacles such as code violations, city violations, squatters and other issues that Michael has become equipped with the knowledge and foresight to eliminate. His construction experience includes the complete gut rehabs of homes and apartments, constructing new additions, duplexing units, as well as other complex tasks that have allowed Miro Development to take on projects of varying scopes of work.


Miro Development, LLC is a licensed General Contractor and EPA Certified RRP service provider in Chicago. For over a decade Miro Development has solidified the ability to turn vacant land and distressed, undervalued, lender foreclosed properties into profitable investments.

Property Management

Collectively the Miro Development team has over 15 years of experience in the real estate market. We have developed a workflow system that utilizes software and other technology platforms. These systems streamline leasing, rent collections, tenant relations as well as maintenance.