Urban nest

When thinking rental renovations, Miro Development creates what every home should be – a nest. Our unique approach brings a blend of distinct design and collaborative community interactions to cost conscientious home renovations.

Through Miro Development’s Urban Nest branded apartments we want to turn existing properties into beautiful, comfortable and smartly designed renovated spaces in some of Chicago’s most undervalued and promising neighborhoods.

Our communal spaces are designed to let people share information and about local news and events with their neighbors. In common areas such as entrances and hallways, we also create the perfect environment for local artists to feature their artwork, not only to make these spaces more pleasing and welcoming for the community, but also to give these artists a chance to showcase their creativity and see their work purchased and supported.

Also, since the feeling of belonging cannot be missing in a true community, we promote real-life social interaction of residents. We have established partnerships to offer yoga, instructional art classes, flower planting, gardening and other collaborative events that bring people together.

now leasing at the following locations: 

314-324 W 72nd Street
6147 S Langley
6148 S Langley
6541 S University
7919 S Inlgeside

to schedule a showing call today 312.265.8385