Miro Development Team

  • Acquisition and Disposition Development
  • Construction Management
  • New Business Development

Michael Altheimer

Miro Development is lead by Michael Altheimer, who is an alumnus of DePaul University and started his real estate career at the age of 20 while a Finance student. His early education also included working alongside local as well as multinational real estate developers and finance specialist. Employment with Chicago based mortgage companies prior to college provided an understanding of the structure of residential real estate, and his entrepreneurial prowess lead to the independent development of his initial rehab projects.  Michael's first series of transactions in early 2000 were structured as “buy, renovate and sell” projects located on Chicago’s Southside. Michael's thorough knowledge of the renovation process has lead to the development of an efficient construction team that have the ability to complete routine maintenance of residential and commercial buildings, as well as extensive, code compliant renovations. Numerous projects present obstacles such as code violations, city violations, squatters and other issues that Michael has become equipped with the knowledge and foresight to eliminate. His construction experience includes the complete gut rehabs of homes and apartments, constructing new additions, duplexing units, as well as other complex tasks that have allowed Miro Development to take on projects of varying scopes of work.

Michael's efforts have lead to the revitalization of Chicago communities. In addition, he ensures that each project is an opportunity to provide jobs for residence that reside in the areas Miro Development serves. For the past several years Michael has not only contracted local licensed trades, but has also employed underprivileged youth. This offers additional income to support low-income households, as well as a method for youth to acquire new skills while circumventing patterns of crime and violence. Michael has also welcomed the opportunity for job site tours and Q&A sessions with students interested in architecture and other related fields.

 Michael Altheimer in the center of a crowd of students and teachers. They are pictured at a job site as Michael responds to questions regarding the rehab process.

Michael Altheimer in the center of a crowd of students and teachers. They are pictured at a job site as Michael responds to questions regarding the rehab process.

Michael has been featured in local Chicago publications, such as N'Digo for his role in community revitalization, and noted for his ability to produce continuous growth for Miro Development throughout the economic downturn. Miro Development survived the subsequent crash without any foreclosures or litigations. After 2008, Michael pursued a strategy to increase the company's portfolio by rehabilitating multi-family properties and serving as general contractor and property manager for homeowner initiated remodeling projects financed with FHA programs, and pursued maintenance and repositioning contracts. Currently, Michael spearheads the renovation and maintaining of over 20 units Miro Development has under construction.


  • Interior Planning and Branding
  •  Property Management Coordination
  • Marketing Development


Robin Williamson

Robin Williamson is the principal of R. Development LLC and works at the management level to successfully interact with personnel to acquire, rehab and maintain multi-family units. She possesses an adept ability to incorporate technology into management practices. And she has incorporated industry standard management, financial monitoring, cloud based interactions with tenants, social media and other new technology to improve work flow.

Robin studied Visual Communication at the Institute of Art in Chicago, and over the past several years she has served as Design and Brand Manager for various national architecture and engineering firms. Her role at these firms lead to additional exposure to residential and commercial real estate development. And has facilitated her understanding of how to develop cohesive proposals to secure municipal building and facilities contracts.

In addition, Robin has established a boutique design and branding studio called Brandbonding. Robin has lead the Brandbonding team in developing brand strategies for real estate clients, startups, and non-profit organizations. Robin’s branding and marketing expertise is an essential component in developing unique, high quality identities for investment properties, as well as creating promotional strategies to connect with potential home buyers and renters. The branding aspect of apartments is a much-overlooked step in affordable housing development, and Robin leads efforts to ensure there is a consistent and polished brand throughout Miro Development products to distinguish the company from competition. Relationships with suppliers and vendors in addition to budgeting technics have equipped Miro Development with the ability to offer upgraded finishes will maintaining affordable costs. Their branded approach includes quality amenities and professional service, online communication, branded signage, documents, apparel and other material. In addition, tenants can expect prompt service for maintenance calls and well-maintained common areas. Through these efforts Robin and the Miro Development team have been able to mitigate the poor image of various neighborhoods and facilitate the safety and comfort of its clients' residences.


  • Community Development
  • Strategic Partnership Strategies
  • Resource Allocation


Dr. Forrest Moore

Dr. Forrest Moore is currently working as a community developer and independent consultant. Forrest brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the field by utilizing a holistic approach to community development. Forrest has combined his skills in engineering, property management, strategic planning, research and comprehensive community initiatives to build a growth strategy with Miro Development, which will aid in the transformation of many South side neighborhoods in Chicago and beyond.

In his previous assignment, Forrest Moore served as the Executive Vice President, Knowledge Management & Education Liaison for America’s Promise Alliance (APA), in Washington D.C. In this capacity, Forrest managed the following areas: community partnerships, knowledge management, research and evaluation, and all programmatic support functions to ensure the coherence and alignment of these critical efforts. Working at the national level, Forrest has been privileged to play a major role in developing APA current strategic direction, creating the roadmap to turn the energy the Alliance has catalyzed at the national level and within communities throughout the country into substantive action. Forrest was the thought leader and co-creator behind the development of the Center for Promise. He has also served as a liaison to the D.C. Promise Neighborhood along with supporting the planning team for the Choice Neighborhood grant. In addition, Forrest was instrumental in multiple roles within Chicago Public Schools (CPS), which included droving strategy for the district, managing large staff, and had bottom-line accountability for multi-million dollar budgets. As Deputy Chief of Research Evaluation and Accountability for CPS, Forrest was directly responsible for driving the strategic direction of the department along with assisting the CPS senior leadership team with data-driven decision-making throughout the district. Forrest worked directly with schools on using data to better support their expansive network students. Forrest is also the Co-founder of the not-for-profit, Blacklyfe NFP. This organization delivers holistic youth development programs to children of color and is responsible for developing a full curriculum addressing the specific needs of the children it serves.