Urban Nest is Miro Development’s unique method for housing that banishes the cookie cutter approach, and interjects distinct design and collaborative community interaction. We believe that everyone should live well, and cost conscientious renovations should not look “affordable.” Urban Nest branded apartments and single-family homes bring quality living experiences to some of Chicago’s most undervalued and up-and-coming neighborhoods. Although, what’s most important isn’t the specific area—it’s how we transform our “Nests” to make our residents feel at home.

Urban Nest Apartments

The Urban Nest approach rearranges the landscape and creates an environment where people of varying levels of income can live comfortable and collectively. Many Urban Nest apartments include open floor plans; brand new stainless steel appliances; distinct design with paint treatments; the use unique material in common areas and other great features.  Urban Nest communal spaces are where local news and events are posted and information is shared. Common areas such as entrances and hallways feature art work from local artists that can be purchased for residents to showcase in their homes. 

Our collaborative approach includes partnering with organizations to offer residents activities such as yoga, instructional art classes, flower planting, gardening and other structured collaborative events. These interactions not only offer an opportunity for camaraderie among neighbors, but they also elicit a since of ownership and belonging.

Urban Nest Homes

Urban Nest single-family homes offer an opulent style of living resembling homes you may find in Lincoln Park or the Gold Coast. Urban Nest renovated and new construction homes are available in some of the city’s most rapidly growing neighborhoods, such as North Kenwood and Bronzeville. Thesse renovated properties range from historic grey-stone mansions on King Drive to homes with modern architecture, soaring ceilings and expansive square footage. 

Our objective is to provide remarkable homes to the elite professional. Through our collaborative approach we offer a glimpse of Urban Nest Homes while transforming entire living spaces into one of a kind art opens, jazz showcases and other events.