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Chicago is where the Miro Development founders began laying the ground work for a real estate development company that plays a major role in renovating and stabilizing the city's south and west sides. The company's objectve simple for the midwest region: change the landscape of some of the countries most depressed neighborhoods while creating lucrative real estate investments.

Their distinct value add is our holistic approach to development in the communities they serve. In addition to finding optimal real estate to be developed, Miro Development works with multiple community stakeholders to establish trust and transparency. Their greatest intention is to work systematically within local communities to not only transform real estate but transform lives, cultivate new business and ensure progression for the greater community. For over a decade Miro Development has solidified the ability to turn vacant land, distressed, undervalued and lender foreclosed properties into profitable investments. 


The Miro Team

Michael Altheimer / Co-Founder, GC, New Business Development
Robin Williamson / Co-Founder, Managing Broker, Marketing & Design Director
Forrest Moore  / Strategic Partnership Developer
Silvia Villata / Executive Assistant
Jorge Quintero / Accounts Manager


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